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    The Global Shapers Community is a youth initiative of the World Economic Forum, with active hubs in 450 cities around the globe. We believe in a world where young people are central to solution building, policy-making and lasting change.

    The Global Shapers Community is a network of city-based Hubs developed and led by young leaders between 20 and 30 years old who want to develop their leadership potential towards serving society. To that end, Hubs undertake local projects to improve their communities.


    Shapers are highly motivated individuals who have a great potential for future leadership roles in society. They are selected on the basis of their achievements, leadership potential, and commitment to make a difference. Through the Global Shapers Community, Shapers are provided with opportunities to connect with the worldwide network of Global Shapers, to network with other World Economic Forum communities, and to represent the voice of youth at World Economic Forum events.

  • Initiatives

    Our Past and Current Projects

    Affordable Austin

    Affordable Housing Audit and Housing Incubator
    SDG Goals:
    #10 Reduce Inequalities
    #11 Sustainable Cities & Communities
    #17 Partnerships

    We set out to examine the idea of a welcoming city and quickly realized that affordability was one of the biggest identified challenges for Austin residents. The work grew to include an affordable housing resident research survey and the group was also accepted into Impact Hub's Housing Accelerator. Today, two Shapers sit on the board.

    Facebook Chat Bot

    Engaging Young Voters
    SDG Goals:
    #10 Reduce Inequalities
    #17 Partnerships

    For the mid-terms we encouraged youth to complete their voter registration and turn out. Leading up to the election, we piloted a Facebook Chat Bot that answered questions around the voting process.

    Smartphone Literacy Training

    SDG Goals:
    #4 Quality Education
    #8 Decent Work & Economic Growth
    #9 Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
    #10 Reduce Inequalities

    The Austin Shapers worked in coordination with El Buen Samaritano to host a series of smartphone training programs to better introduce communities not yet adapted to web based technology to connect them with useful resources on the web through greater smartphone accessibility.


    SDG Goals:
    #3 Good Health & Well-being
    #17 Partnerships

    GroupThinkATX is a series of events Shapers host monthly at Native Hostel, about honest conversations with a diverse group of thinkers. Visit the Facebook page for more information about this special community dialogue here.

    Shaper Impact Capital

    SDG Goals:
    #8 Decent Work & Economic Growth
    #Industry Innovation & Infrastructure
    #17 Partnerships

    Current and former members of the Austin Hub contribute to the goals of SIC: connecting impact entrepreneurs to capital. Visit the website here.

  • Membership

    Meet the Austin Shaper Hub Members


    Victoria Zuber

    Policy Researcher

    Expedia Group

    Vice Curator: Madeline Krebs

    Senior Account Supervisor


    Impact Officer:
    Miranda Gottlieb

    Venture Partner

    Pappas Capital

    Kevin Chandra

    Power Systems Engineer
    Austin Energy

    Alexis Taylor

    ESG Strategy


    Eiman Siddiqui


    EIS Strategies LLC

    Ben Pfeffer

    Director of Development

    Notley Group

    Collin Parker

    Program Manager


    Erick Guillen


    Sterling Project Development

    Marlena May Cuesta

    McCombs MBA Candidate

    Josiah Lindquist

    Urban Designer


    Zev Jonathan Bimstein

    Associate Product Manager


    Riley Blanks

    Woke Beauty

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